If you love Google Data Studio as much as we do, then you might find this tool useful. Today, we’re happy to announce the first version of our Google Data Studio connector search tool.

Overview of Data Studio Connectors

Google Data Studio is a data visualization tool relies on data connectors to get data. In some cases, Google offers connectors (for their own products only). So if you want to connect a Google Ads account or YouTube channel to Data Studio, Google has you covered. When connection to non-Google products (Bing Ads, Facebook, Instagram, etc), you’ll need third party connectors.

Our Approach

Since Google Data Studio became available, it’s been tough to figure out which connectors will hook up to which networks. In some cases, we’ve had to enlist the help of multiple 3rd party connectors to get the exact data set that we need.

For the LDA search tool, we’ve organized Google Data Studio connectors by data source (Facebook Ads, Instagram, etc.) and connector services (SuperMetrics, Funnel.io, etc.) to see which connectors work with which data sources. This way, you can easily research connectors, compare prices, and make a decision for your data needs.

Which Are the Best Data Studio Connectors (free + paid)?

Which Data Sources Would You Like to Connect to Data Studio?

Figuring out the best connector for your dashboard depends on what you’d like to connect. Use the table below to select the analytics, ad network, email marketing service, etc. which you’d like to connect to learn more about the available connectors.

Data SourceAvailable ConnectorsRead More

Adobe Analytics
Supermetrics, FunnelRead More@supermetrics, @funnel

Supermetrics, FunnelRead More@supermetrics, @funnel

Power My Analytics, Supermetrics, FunnelRead More@supermetrics, @powermyanalytics, @funnel

Power My Analytics, SupermetricsRead More@supermetrics, @powermyanalytics

Bing Ads
Power My Analytics, Tapclicks, SupermetricsRead More@supermetrics, @powermyanalytics, @tapclicks

Constant Contact
Power My Analytics, Tapclicks Read More@powermyanalytics, @tapclicks


Power My Analytics, FunnelRead More@supermetrics, @powermyanalytics, @funnel, @adverity

Facebook Ads
Supermetrics, Power My AnalyticsRead More@supermetrics, @powermyanalytics

Facebook Audience Insights
Power My Analytics, SupermetricsRead More@supermetrics, @powermyanalytics

Google My Business
Power My Analytics, SupermetricsRead More@supermetrics, @powermyanalytics

Google Ads
Google, SupermetricsRead More@google, @supermetrics
Google AdsenseSupermetricsRead More@supermetrics

Google Analytics
Google, Supermetrics, AdverityRead More@google, @supermetrics, @adverity

Google Search Console
Google, SupermetricsRead More@supermetrics, @google


Power My Analytics, SuperMetricsRead More@supermetrics, @powermyanalytics

Instagram Insights
Power My Analytics, SupermetricsRead More@supermetrics, @powermyanalytics

LinkedIn Ads
Power My Analytics, Supermetrics, FunnelRead More@supermetrics, @powermyanalytics, @funnel

Supermetrics, Power My AnalyticsRead More@supermetrics, @powermyanalytics
MOZSupermetricsRead More@supermetrics
OutbrainSupermetrics, FunnelRead More@supermetrics
Perfect AudiencePower My AnalyticsRead More@powermyanalytics

Power My Analytics, Supermetrics, FunnelRead More@supermetrics, @powermyanalytics, @funnel
QuickBooksPower My AnalyticsRead More@powermyanalytics

Supermetrics, FunnelRead More@supermetrics, @funnel

Supermetrics, FunnelRead More@supermetrics, @funnel

Power My AnalyticsRead More@powermyanalytics
SEMRushSupermetricsRead More@supermetrics
SnapchatSupermetrics, Power My AnalyticsRead More@supermetrics, @powermyanalytics
StripeSupermetricsRead More@supermetrics
TaboolaSupermetrics, Power My Analytics, FunnelRead More@supermetrics, @powermyanalytics, @funnel

SupermetricsRead More@supermetrics
VimeoSupermetricsRead More@supermetrics
WalmartPower My AnalyticsRead More@powermyanalytics

Power My Analytics, Supermetrics, Tapclicks, Funnel, AdverityRead More@supermetrics, @powermyanalytics, @tapclicks, @adverity, @funnel
Verizon MediaSupermetricsRead More@supermetrics
Yandex Direct + Yandex MetricaSupermetrics, FunnelRead More@supermetrics, @funnel

Google, Supermetrics, AdverityRead More@supermetrics, @google, @adverity

White Data Sources Would You Like to Connect to Data Studio?

ConnectorData SourcesPricingRead ReviewFree Trial

35+ Data Sources$39/MonthRead ReviewFree Trialfacebook ads, google analytics, custom, adform, adobe analytics, adroll, amazon ads, bing ads, facebook insights, public data, google ads, adsense, my business, search console, google+, instagram insights, linkedin ads, mailchimp, company pages, pinterest, quora, reddit, search 360, semrush, stripe, tumblr, twitter, vimeo, yahoo, yandex metrica, youtube, criteo, outbrain, hubspot, snapchatads, verizon, taboola@supermetrics

Power My Analytics
25+ Data Sources$9.95 Per SourceRead ReviewFree Trialfacebook ads, adroll, amazon, bing, constant contact, criteo, ebay, insights, google my business, instagram ads, instagram insights, instagram media insights, linkedin ads, linkedin company analytics, listrak, mailchimp, paypal, pinterest, shareasale, tripadvisor, twitter, walmart, yahoo, snapchatads, perfectaudience, quickbooks, taboola, hubspot@powermyanalytics

18+ Data SourcesFreeRead ReviewFreegoogle analytics, file upload, bigquery, campaign manager, cloud spanner, cloud sql for mysql, display & video 360, extract data, google ad manager 360, google ads, google analytics, google cloud storage, google sheets, mysql, postgresql, search ads 360, search console, youtube analytics, tv attibution@google

400+ Data Sources$499/MonthRead ReviewDemo Availableadobe analytics, adjust, salesforce, shopify, instagram ads, google ads, bing ads, doubleclick, facebook ads, linkedin, twitter, appnexus, criteo, mediamath, snapchat, tradedoubler, yahoo, adform, adroll, appsflyer, google analytics, has offers, perfect audience, performant, ebay, google search console, impact radius, listrak, mailchimp, outbrain, peperjam, propel media, quora, reddit, taboola, yandex, pinterest@funnel

16+ Data SourcesCustom SolutionsRead ReviewNone Currentlyfacebook ads,@tapclicks