Perfect Audience, like its competitor AdRoll, is a popular multi-platform retargeting network which allows users to retarget their website traffic via web banner ads, Facebook, Twitter, and much more. Perfect audience offers advertisers a single pixel solution to easily track and target users anywhere and everywhere.

In this post, we’re going to review your options for connecting Perfect Audience campaign stats with your Google Data Studio reports and dashboards.

Google Data Studio Connectors for Perfect Audience

ConnectorData SourcesPricingRead ReviewFree Trial

35+ Data Sources$39/MonthRead ReviewFree Trialfacebook ads, google analytics, custom, adform, adobe analytics, adroll, amazon ads, bing ads, facebook insights, public data, google ads, adsense, my business, search console, google+, instagram insights, linkedin ads, mailchimp, company pages, pinterest, quora, reddit, search 360, semrush, stripe, tumblr, twitter, vimeo, yahoo, yandex metrica, youtube, criteo, outbrain, hubspot, snapchatads, verizon, taboola@supermetrics

Power My Analytics
25+ Data Sources$9.95 Per SourceRead ReviewFree Trialfacebook ads, adroll, amazon, bing, constant contact, criteo, ebay, insights, google my business, instagram ads, instagram insights, instagram media insights, linkedin ads, linkedin company analytics, listrak, mailchimp, paypal, pinterest, shareasale, tripadvisor, twitter, walmart, yahoo, snapchatads, perfectaudience, quickbooks, taboola, hubspot@powermyanalytics

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400+ Data Sources$499/MonthRead ReviewDemo Availableadobe analytics, adjust, salesforce, shopify, instagram ads, google ads, bing ads, doubleclick, facebook ads, linkedin, twitter, appnexus, criteo, mediamath, snapchat, tradedoubler, yahoo, adform, adroll, appsflyer, google analytics, has offers, perfect audience, performant, ebay, google search console, impact radius, listrak, mailchimp, outbrain, peperjam, propel media, quora, reddit, taboola, yandex, pinterest@funnel

16+ Data SourcesCustom SolutionsRead ReviewNone Currentlyfacebook ads,@tapclicks

Choosing the Best Perfect Audience Connector for Data Studio

The connectors which we reviewed for the Perfect Audience Data Studio guide all integrated with most of Perfect Audience’s data points via their API. Here, we’ll highlight some of the dimensions and metrics which you’ll be able to pull into Google Data Studio from your Perfect Audience account.

  • Data Points: As with most ad buys, you’ll get all the campaign and audience level metrics you need to report on impressions, clicks, CPC, costs, conversions, audience sizes, etc. The Perfect Audience API provides all the data points you need to quickly and easily build Data Studio dashboards.
  • Roll-Up Perfect Audience Reporting: If you’re an agency or are at least managing multiple accounts, connectors like Power My Analytics are great options for rolling up your accounts into consolidated reports.
  • Direct Connection vs Data Warehousing: With some connectors, you connect directly to the Perfect Audience’s API in real time. This means that you’ll pull data from Perfect Audience each time your report loads. However, it’s sometimes good to warehouse the data (as Power My Analytics does) so that you can trend data faster.

Final Thoughts

For Perfect Audience, we like Power My Analytics hands-down. It’s fast, data is all there, and we can produce an extremely useful view of our clients’ Perfect Audience advertising efforts.