Fact: There are 50+ email marketing software providers. Each and every ESP promises the best deliver-ability, the easiest to use interface, and the best customer service.

Well, we don’t believe it so we recently launched the first iteration of our email marketing software comparison tool. Here’s why- We’ve used many different platforms (Constant Contact, MailChimp, Active Campaign, Get Response, etc.) and all are NOT created equal.

What Determines the “Best” Email Software?

We looked at a few main areas:

  1. Email Marketing Features: Email marketing software sends email, simple, right? Not at all. Sure we all want “great deliverability” but that’s mostly your responsibility, not the ESP luckily. The devil is in the details and knowing which features you need is important. Do you need autoresponders and automation? How about beautiful, mobile-friendly templates to work from? Ecommerce integration? Etc.
  2. Email Integrations: Where do you get your email subscribers and how does that integrate with your ESP (email seoftware provider)? When someone signs up to your list, do you need to send that information to another system? Getting the right email marketing software with the right system integrations built-in always makes things easiest.
  3. Email Marketing Price: Price is always an issue, although many of the email marketing software providers are in the same neighborhood for small lists. For quickly growing lists, costs can get high so choosing a partner.

Email Marketing Comparison

Email Software by Provider

Browse some of the top email marketing software companies. 

ProviderStarter PricingLearn MoreFree Trial

Get Response
$15/MonthLearn MoreFree Trial@getresponse

Active Campaign
$15/MonthLearn MoreFree Trial@activecampaign

Constant Contact
$20/MonthLearn MoreFree Trial@constantcontact

$19/MonthLearn MoreFree Trial@aweber

$10/MonthLearn MoreFree Trial@mailigen


Email Software by Feature

Know which features you need? Choose a feature below to see who provides it.

Feature TypeDetailsLearn More
Inbox DeliverabilityEnsure marketing emails get through to your subscriber's inboxLearn More
AutorespondersAbility to schedule your Emails to send automaticallyLearn More
Email TemplatesDatabase of existing email templates for easy creationLearn More
TimingPredicting optimal delivery time across timezonesLearn More
RSS to EmailAutomatically share recent blog postLearn More
AutomationBuild automated workflow based on customers actionsLearn More
E-commerce IntegrationCreate campaigns based on shopping actionsLearn More
Lead ScoringCreate customer and visitor profiles for further analysisLearn More
Cart AbandonmentCreate cart abandonment email campaignsLearn More
Landing PagesDrag & drop landing page editor and templatesLearn More

We welcome your feedback and look forward to improving up this research over the coming weeks.