Get Response is an email marketing provider which presents itself as the “small business” marketing service. Notice that we said “marketing services” as Get Response has a platform which goes a bit beyond typical email marketing services to include CRM, marketing automation, and more.

On this page, we’ll focus on Get Response’s email marketing features as a comparison point to other email marketing services.

Get Response Product Overview

  • Features: Fairly robust feature choices including email marketing, landing pages, CRM, automation, etc
  • Interface: Easy to use overall
  • Customer Support: 24/7 live chat, email support in 7 languages
  • Website:
  • Pricing: Free 30-day trial, from $15/month after that

Email Marketing Features Provided by Get Response

Feature TypeDetailsLearn More
Inbox DeliverabilityEnsure marketing emails get through to your subscriber's inboxLearn More
AutorespondersAbility to schedule your Emails to send automaticallyLearn More
Email TemplatesDatabase of existing email templates for easy creationLearn More
TimingPredicting optimal delivery time across timezonesLearn More
RSS to EmailAutomatically share recent blog postLearn More
AutomationBuild automated workflow based on customers actionsLearn More
E-commerce IntegrationCreate campaigns based on shopping actionsLearn More
Lead ScoringCreate customer and visitor profiles for further analysisLearn More
Cart AbandonmentCreate cart abandonment email campaignsLearn More
Landing PagesDrag & drop landing page editor and templatesLearn More

Get Response for Email Marketing

If MailChimp and HubSpot had a kid (cause that can happen if they’re not careful), it would be named Get Response. We think that Get Response is doing what most email software companies will eventually do- advancing email marketing to marketing automation. This makes complete sense as email marketing needs to mature to being more targeted, period. Long gone are the days of just broadcasting the same message to all. Key points to consider with Get Response.

  • Templates and drag + drop design tools make generating emails easy for the non-technical designer (or creative person)
  • Automation tools allow you to customize sends based on data (insert subscribers name and other ata), crate customized workflows based on user actions, etc.
  • List building support: Get Response makes it a point to provide training on list building. Size isn’t is everything (almost) and Get Response offers great list building tools and more important, education on how to do it right

Take advantage of the 30-day free trail and get to know Get Response. It actually won’t take longer than an hour or two but at least you have 30 days to get your stuff together.