Small and medium-size businesses love Constant Contact. Not just because of the constant barrage of TV commercials, but because this low-cost email marketing software has stepped up their game to offer almost the full-array of features that any business will need. This paired with good deliverability and ease of use make this a popular choice as one of the leading email software providers.

On this page, we’ll review the features, pros, and cons of using Constant Contact as an email marketing service provider.

Constant Contact Feature Overview

  • Features: Fairly robust feature choices
  • Interface: Easy to use, simple design which almost any business owner can operate.
  • Customer Support: Phone support, live chat, help center & ticketing system. Some of the best support in the industry.
  • Website:
  • Pricing: Free 60-day trial and then from $20 per month.

Email Marketing Features Provided by Constant Contact

Feature TypeDetailsLearn More
Inbox DeliverabilityEnsure marketing emails get through to your subscriber's inboxLearn More
AutorespondersAbility to schedule your Emails to send automaticallyLearn More
Email TemplatesDatabase of existing email templates for easy creationLearn More
TimingPredicting optimal delivery time across timezonesLearn More
RSS to EmailAutomatically share recent blog postLearn More
AutomationBuild automated workflow based on customers actionsLearn More
E-commerce IntegrationCreate campaigns based on shopping actionsLearn More
Lead ScoringCreate customer and visitor profiles for further analysisLearn More
Cart AbandonmentCreate cart abandonment email campaignsLearn More
Landing PagesDrag & drop landing page editor and templatesLearn More

Constant Contact for Email Marketing

3 years ago, we’d suggest again Constant Contact. As long time customers, we just didn’t think they ever kept up with features of other similar competitors like Mailchimp, Aweber, etc. Today though, 180 degree turn. Constant Contact continues to be one of the lowest cost email marketing providers but now offers just about every useful feature you need for email marketing. Keep in mind that there are 2 different plans of Constant Contact which we’ll outline now.

  • Email: This is the basic plan. If you own a small business and need just the basics, this is the least expensive and most reliable solution that we know of. First hand experience that this is good for small businesses.
  • Email PLUS: When you’re ready to play with more robust features like automation, A/B testing, surveys, dynamic content, and a support rep of your own, step up to the Email Plus plan.

In our experience and research of email marketing software, Constant Contact is a top contender for sure.