So your not a great web designer and that’s ok, every day the web becomes a lot easier for those who are not familiar with great design (myself included). Templates are a life saver in this case, having the option of a starting point is one of the best ways to get started and avoid the staring at a blank canvas moment. Email marketing software that provides email templates is a great thing for the reasons mentioned above and many more.

On this page, we’ll cover your best options for choosing the best email marketing software with email templates

Which Email Marketing Software Provides Email Templates?

ProviderStarter PricingLearn MoreFree Trial

Get Response
$15/MonthLearn MoreFree Trial@getresponse

Active Campaign
$15/MonthLearn MoreFree Trial@activecampaign

Constant Contact
$20/MonthLearn MoreFree Trial@constantcontact

$19/MonthLearn MoreFree Trial@aweber

$10/MonthLearn MoreFree Trial@mailigen

Choosing the Best Email Marketing Software That Has Templates

Email templates are included in many of the services mentioned but here are a few other things to consider:

  • Template Database: Having templates is great but having a bigger selection of templates is even better, some companies offer 5 and others 500 so review the options.
  • Drag & Drop Build: Being able to customize the templates without having to learn a completely new piece of software, most of these email marketing providers have some sort of drag and drop builder try them and go with the easiest to create with

Final Thoughts

Design in this day and age is one of the most important things to consider when trying to capture your audience’s attention. If you look outdated people will not respond to your message and you will have wasted efforts to keep your subscribers engaged. Templates are a great way to cut corners and might just keep you up to speed with top end designers.