Easy Call Tracker is a great call tracking solution provided by Power My Analytics, a company who also provides other related tracking and data services. We found out about them because we like their data studio connectors and had to give their call tracking solution a try.

In the post, we’ll review the Easy Call Tracker all tracking service as well as the features offered.

Call Tracking Feature Overview

  • Features: Full-array of features.
  • Interface: Easy number configuration, easy integrations
  • Customer Support: Great, email/phone, very responsive. We’ve always loved how responsive their support team is.
  • Website: www.easycalltracker.com
  • Pricing: Free trial, $9.95/month

Easy Call Tracker Offers These Call Tracking Features

Feature TypeDetailsLearn More
Offline Call TrackingTrack calls from direct mail, billboards & tv commercialsLearn More
Online Call TrackingTrack online data sources including Search, SEO, Display & EmailLearn More
Google Analytics IntegrationReal-time reporting for tracking conversionsLearn More
Phone Number PortingPorting a current phone number into providerLearn More
HIPAA Compliance Protect patient & prospects privacyLearn More
Zoho Integration Connect to Zoho business suite of applicationsLearn More
Call RecordingOption to playback calls for quality analysisLearn More
Instant Number SetupQuick setup and activity tracking in a short timeLearn More
Multiple Number OptionsCreate local, toll-free and international telephone numbersLearn More
Dynamic Phone NumberUnique phone numbers for every platform trackedLearn More

How Easy Call Tracker Works

Easy Call Tracker offers an intuitive interface to manage tracking phone numbers. Once you open your account, you can immediately begin to add local and toll free tracking numbers. We recommend starting by configuring preferences like your time zone, the caller id which appears, call recording text, and whisper settings as well. Other account settings include:

  • Dynamic number insertion
  • Google Analytics integration

As with many of the other call tracking solutions, Easy Call Tracker is pretty easy to navigate and support is always nearby if needed.