When tracking phone calls on the Internet, integrating those events and conversions with Google Analytics is a great way to full attribute your marketing efforts. In general, most call tracking solutions will provide event firing which can signal your Google Analytics account each time a call is made with the details of the call (source, medium, keyword, etc.).

On this page, we’ll quickly review the different options for call tracking software that integrates with Google Analytics.

List of Call Tracking Solutions which Integrate with Google Analytics

ProviderInstant SetupGoogle Analytics IntegrationDynamic Phone NumbersStarter PricingLearn MoreFree Trial

Easy Call Tracker
YesYesYes$9.95/MonthLearn MoreFree Trial@easycalltracker

YesYesYes$30/MonthLearn MoreFree Trial@callrail

YesYesYes$45/MonthLearn MoreFree Trial@phonewagon

Response Tap
YesYesYesQuote AvailableLearn MoreDemo Available@responsetap

Choosing the Best Call Tracking Software to Integrate with Google Analytics

When choosing the best call tracking software which can integrate with Google Analytics, consider the following.

  • Integration Method: Most call tracking solutions tap into Google’s event tracking method to track phone calls. That is, each time a qualifying call occurs, the call information is sent to Google Analytics as an event. This means that you can then associate calls directly with the source, medium, campaign, etc. whcih caused them.
  • Qualifying Criteria: In some cases, you may not want to track all phone calls. For example, if a user calls 4 times in a row, you may only want to track the first call as to avoid over-attributing a specific marketing effort. Some call tracking solution provide the ability to filter which calls trigger your Google Analytics and which do not.
  • Call Tracking Cost: If your website advertising efforts are likely to drive high volume, long phone calls, cost is going to be a big issues. Typical call tracking companies charge by the number of minutes which you use which can drive costs up.

Final Thoughts

Google Analytics is a common service for most call tracking solutions to integrate with. We mostly feel that choosing services which allow you to filter which calls to include (first time calls, calls from specific services, etc.) is the most important consideration. Fortunately, all the services we list here accomplish this.

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