Zoho is a cost-effective and common CRM (customer relationship management) tool. Because of Zoho’s widespread use, integrating various services such as website and offline call tracking is in high demand.

On this page, we’ll cover your best options for choosing the best call tracking solution which offers Zoho integration.

Which Call Tracking Software Integrates with Zoho CRM?

ProviderInstant SetupGoogle Analytics IntegrationDynamic Phone NumbersStarter PricingLearn MoreFree Trial

Easy Call Tracker
YesYesYes$9.95/MonthLearn MoreFree Trial@easycalltracker

YesYesYes$30/MonthLearn MoreFree Trial@callrail

YesYesYes$45/MonthLearn MoreFree Trial@phonewagon

Response Tap
YesYesYesQuote AvailableLearn MoreDemo Available@responsetap

Choosing the Best Zoho-Integrated Call Tracking

If your company is using Zoho as a CRM, integrating your call tracking software is a huge benefit for both efficiency and long term customer acquisition tracking. Using a solution which can track which called, where the calls came from, when the calls came in, etc. is gold in data land! Here are some considerations.

  • Integration Method: At a basic level, just about any call tracking solution will integrate with Zoho if you know how to use API connectors like Zapier. However, some call tracking software companies offer a direct integration which saves you a step and the technical know-how to integrate.
  • Data: What data do you want to send to Zoho exactly? Know this before choosing a call tracking solution as you’ll want to find out what the integration options are.

Final Thoughts

We love Zoho and we love call tracking so whether you directly integrate with services like Easy Call Tracker or use Zapier or other API Connectors, please do integrate! You’ll save time, money, and hassle.

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