18 08, 2020

How to Track Multiple Google My Business Locations in One Dashboard

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Whether you work for a brick and mortar with multiple locations (2-1,000s) or are in house at an agency, you may be looking for the best solution to track multiple business location Google My Business (GMB) stats in one place. Enter, Google Data Studio. Not only can this save you a ton of time, but [...]

1 05, 2019

Call Tracking Solutions Search Tool

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We love to bring the community valuable resources and again we are excited to introduce another tool. This will be the first version of our call tracking solutions search tool, we did the heavy lifting so that you can save time and start implementing. Realizing that Google Ads call tracking is limited to only [...]

25 06, 2017

Events and Event Tracking with Google Analytics

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Overview The Behavior Events reports provide a behavioral view related to specific Google Analytics Events which you are tracking. Events are specific actions which you want to track such as adding a product to a shopping cart, watching a video, etc. Overview: High-level view of main Event metrics. Top Events: Event category, action and [...]