One of the biggest concerns among companies who begin tracking phone calls is this- What happens when I stop tracking calls and my customers try to call the tracking numbers? It’s a legitimate concern for sure as consumers commonly store numbers in their phones for future use.

On this page, we’ll quickly review the different options for call tracking software which allows phone number porting, the process of moving phone number to and from the service.

Call Tracking Solutions with Number Porting Features

ProviderInstant SetupGoogle Analytics IntegrationDynamic Phone NumbersStarter PricingLearn MoreFree Trial

Easy Call Tracker
YesYesYes$9.95/MonthLearn MoreFree Trial@easycalltracker

YesYesYes$30/MonthLearn MoreFree Trial@callrail

YesYesYes$45/MonthLearn MoreFree Trial@phonewagon

Response Tap
YesYesYesQuote AvailableLearn MoreDemo Available@responsetap

Choosing the Best Call Tracking Software Allows Numbers to be Ported

When choosing the best call tracking software which allows number porting, here are a few considerations:

  • Inbound Porting: Does the software allow numbers to be moved to the service for situations where you want to use previous numbers with the new service? This is a common request when a company is switching from one call solution to another and doesn’t want to loose the old numbers.
  • Outbound Porting: Does the call tracking service allow numbers to be ported away if you decide to stop tracking calls or decide to move to a new service?
  • Porting Process & Timing: What is entailed in the porting process?

Final Thoughts

Porting phone numbers is a bit complex but fortunately, most services will handle it for you just to get your business! If porting is a concern, we request signing up for a trial with each service and then contacting support for assistance and details on porting options.

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