Ready to create the ultimate MailChimp email marketing dashboard? If you’re anything like us, you’re confused as to why MailChimp standard reporting is so, well, unhelpful. Although MailChimp has made recent attempts to improve their overall experience with reporting, we believe it still lacks the necessary features we want.  Here’s a no-BS way to track all your MailChimp email marketing efforts in a single, extremely useful dashboard. Let’s jump right in!

Dashboard Sample

First, here’s the end result of what we’re going to help you create today.

MailChimp Dashboard Overview

Our goal with this email marketing dashboard was to create a single view which tells the complete story of including from what we’re sending to what the results of these email campaigns are. For our email marketing data studio report, we’re going to tracking the following.

  • Emails sent
  • Open metrics
  • Click metrics
  • Campaign-level views
  • Onsite traffic
  • Onsite conversion data
  • List growth

To accomplish this dashboard (get the free template here), there are 2 data connections:

  1. Mailchimp Campaign Data: This connector pulls data directly from Mailchimp where we get metrics specific to the campaigns, opens, clicks, etc.
  2. Google Analytics: This connector pulls data related to our website stats like sessions, revenue, etc.

Step 1: Free Supermetrics Account

First, you need to head of to start a free account. Depending on how you use the account, you may need to upgrade at a later date but the free trial let’s you get this rolling right now.

Step 2: Video Explainer

We figure the best way to show you how easy this setup is will be though the video below. It’s short, take a quick look and then continue to the last step, #3,

Step 3: Grab our Free Mailchimp Data Studio Template

We’re making this easy cheesy lemon squeezy for you. Click here to access our free template. Once you have it, connect your data sources and done. Now, you’ve got a great template to report all of your organization’s Mailchimp sending and website results.