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17 09, 2019

How To Test Your Landing Pages To Improve Conversion Rate

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Landing pages are crucial aspects of strategic inbound marketing. Ideally, businesses that increase their number of landing pages from 10 to 15 experience a 55% growth in terms of total leads. With such results in terms of lead conversion, maybe it is time you reconsider your marketing strategy. One of the greatest challenges face is [...]

26 06, 2019

How to Add a Profile Short Name to Your Google My Business Listing

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In June, 2019, Google launched a new feature to Google My Business called profile short names. In short (pun intended), this provides the ability to give your GMB listing a short URL to share as you see fit. How to Add a Profile Short Name to GMB Listings Access Google My Business Click Info Click Add Profile Short [...]

25 05, 2019

SEMrush Atlernatives for Keyword Research

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SEMrush is a fantastic keyword research tool. We've used it for years and our only gripe really is that it's pretty costly, especially if researching keywords and creating content is your main function. Here at LDA, we're always looking for the latest and greatest tools so today's post is focused on some alternative options for [...]

23 05, 2019

Long Tail Autocomplete Keyword Research Tutorial

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We have a love/hate relationship with autocomplete. It's gotten pretty good over time. Why love? It's a great experience when we're searching for things on Google. Why hate? Because as SEOs, it funnels search traffic into specific phrases and lessens the number of longer tail queries which might otherwise have been. In this short post, [...]

22 05, 2019

How Can I Research Search Volume for Questions Related To My Website?

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Optimizing your website for questions queries is a great way to 1) grab some longer tail rankings/traffic 2) find searchers who are low in the funnel for your product and 3) create content which may be commonly searched via voice search (which is the fastest growing type of search right now). Here are some sample [...]

15 02, 2019

Tutorial – Validating AMP Pages Using Screaming Frog

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Implement AMP (Asynchronous Messaging Protocol) on your website or blog is a great way to boost organic traffic on your website. By providing your content using this protocol to Google, you'll likely become more competitive in search queries where few others have provided the same. One of the best ways to validate your AMP content [...]

20 09, 2018

How Do I Add Someone to Manage a Google My Business Listing?

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As of late September 2018 (when I'm writing this post), the information that appears first in a Google search for the phrase "how to share access to google my business" shows an article from Google that is completely out of date and doesn't match up to the current Google My Business dashboard. Many times, businesses [...]

9 08, 2017

What is Screaming Frog?

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What is Screaming Frog? A powerful, easy-to-use piece of software which can crawl websites, gather data, and organize it useful ways. Screaming Frog helps us: Find website programming errors (404s, server errors, protocols) Find website issues which affect SEO (redirects, canonicals, duplicate content) Quickly review SEO-related elements (title tags, meta descriptions, heading usage) [...]

8 08, 2017

Screaming Frog Navigation

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Overview The Screaming Frog interface consists of a few main navigation bars. Main Navigation The Main Navigation bar is typical of any software and contains options to save files, configure Screaming Frog, export information, view pre-canned reports, and more. File: Save projects, retrieve recent projects Configuration: Contains all the configuration settings for the [...]

7 08, 2017

Report Anatomy – Screaming Frog

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Overview There are a few different parts of the Screaming Frog interface which it's important to understand. Report Data and Columns Front and center is the report data itself. In this section, you see report-specific data is a tabular format. Drill-Downs By highlighting any file in the data section, you'll notice that the Detail [...]

6 08, 2017

Internal Report – Screaming Frog

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OverviewIn this lesson, we'll cover the Internal report tab which contains all information from other tabs with the exception of the 'external' tab. Think of this tab as being the overview of information. We get a nice overview of files crawled form this report, but it's a bit of information overload so other more-detailed reports will prove to [...]

5 08, 2017

External Report – Screaming Frog

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Overview In this lesson, we'll cover the External report tab which contains all information regarding external files which are referenced or linked to from your website. With this data view, we can evaluate the usage of and links to external content which has a number of practical uses. On the External tab, we can quickly get basic page metrics and [...]