As of late September 2018 (when I’m writing this post), the information that appears first in a Google search for the phrase “how to share access to google my business” shows an article from Google that is completely out of date and doesn’t match up to the current Google My Business dashboard. Many times, businesses owners need to share access to their Google Business Listing with contractors, agencies or partners.

Here is a quick tutorial showing you how to do just that…

Step 1: Visit and sign into the account where you manage your local listing

Once you log in, you’ll want to make sure you are signed into the account that actually owns and manages your page. You may have to explore a few different sign ins if you can’t remember which email was used to set up or control the page.

Step 2: Click on the name of the page you wish to manage

You may only have one page, or you may see several.

Step 3: Locate the “Users” link on the left sidebar

Step 4: Add the new user and select the level of control

First, click the icon on that top right where have the “1” pointing. Next ( “2” ), add the email address of the person you wish to add. Last, choose a role to assign to the person ( “3” ). You make this person a “Manager” in most cases. Last, be sure to click the “Invite” button to make sure your request goes through!

We hope that helps you with sharing manager access to your Google My Business listing! If you’re looking for information on optimizing & improving the setup of your Google Business Listing, check out this great article from our friends as