23 08, 2019

AMP-Script Available Add Custom JS To Your Amp Pages

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Episode Highlights Benefits are being able to: 1) apply functions which you couldn’t previously do in AMP 2) share code across amp and non-amp content for efficiency. Restrictions Content jumping: To avoid unexpected content jumping, <amp-script> generally requires user gestures to change page content. Page load: Since <amp-script> doesn’t change page content without user interaction, [...]

15 02, 2019

Tutorial – Validating AMP Pages Using Screaming Frog

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Implement AMP (Asynchronous Messaging Protocol) on your website or blog is a great way to boost organic traffic on your website. By providing your content using this protocol to Google, you'll likely become more competitive in search queries where few others have provided the same. One of the best ways to validate your AMP content [...]