Poptin is a feature-rich cloud-based website popup plugin which we really like. Poptin offers most all of the typical features that we’d expect from opt-in popups including templates, good design tools, a wide variety of popup types (light box, sidebar, floating bar, etc.), complete ESP (email service provider) integrations, etc. And what we like most (unique feature) is the pricing model. Poptin pricing is based on the actual number of popup engagements (popups which fire). This is nice if you have really high traffic, but only fire pops to a small segment. Save you money for sure!

On this page, we’ll review the features, pros, and cons of using Popin on your website for email opt-in.

Poptin Feature Overview

  • Interface: Easy to build and deploy popups for the non-programmer
  • Customer Support: Limited to a ticketing system
  • Features: Full array, nothing we see that’s missing
  • Website: www.poptin.com
  • Pricing:  Free for some, then starts at $19/month

Poptin Email Opt-In Features Reviewed

Feature TypeDetailsLearn More
Drag & Drop BuilderEasily create Popup opt-in campaigns using visual buildersLearn More@optinmonster
Yes / No LogicMultiple steps to optin, let users choose the next stepLearn More@optinmonster
Mobile Friendly PopupsMobile optimized for smartphone and tablet usersLearn More@optinmonster @poptin @listagram
Fullscreen Welcome MatSplash screen as soon as visitors land on the pageLearn More@optinmonster @poptin
Animations and EffectsAnimation and sound effects for popupsLearn More@optinmonster @listagram
Slide-in Scroll BoxAn alternative for popups and slides in from the corner of the screenLearn More@optinmonster @poptin
Countdown TimerCreates urgency for limited time offers using a timerLearn More@optinmonster @poptin
Lightbox PopupIndustry standard triggered by time or event popupLearn More@optinmonster @poptin
Sidebar FormsCreates an opportunity to convert visitors from any page using the sidebarLearn More@optinmonster @poptin
Floating BarA sticky bar on top or bottom of a pageLearn More@optinmonster @poptin

Using Poptin for Website Popups & Email Opt-In

We’ve implemented popups on a number of websites and haven’t hit any barriers. For the most part, the implementations have been pretty straightforward, quick/easy to do, and only required the ability to edit source code or inject the popup script.

Poptin Features

  • Templates
  • Drag/Drop Editing
  • Full Array of Trigger Logic (time on site, click based, page based, campaign based, etc.)
  • Lightbox, Slider, Floating Bars, Full Page Pops, etc.

Poptin Integrations

  • Mailchimp Integration
  • Constant Contact Integration
  • iContact Integration
  • Hubspot Integration
  • Nutshell Integration
  • Zapier Integration
  • Many more via Zapier

From the experience of using Poptin for website popups, we say go for it. Price is good and the features are all there.