Integromat is a data/api connector similar to Zapier which helps marketers connect various cloud-based apps to one another. Let’s say you want to send all your email subscribers to Google Sheets. Integromat is the tool which will let you do this without writing a single line of code.

In the post, we’ll review the Integromat service as well as the data sources and apps which you can connect to one another using it.

Connector Overview

  • Apps and API Connections: 295+ Apps
  • Interface: Easy workflow tool, no programming skills needed.
  • Customer Support: Good, email/phone, very responsive
  • Website:
  • Pricing: Free trial, free version, $9/month and up

Integromat Connects to These Data Sources

Data SourceConnection IdeaRead More

Google Sheets
Create Trello cards from new Google Sheets spreadsheet rowsRead More

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Mail Chimp
Add new MailChimp subscribers to a Google Sheets Spreadsheet as a new rowRead More

Google Calendar
Create a new Google Calendar event from a new Trello cardRead More

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Facebook Pages
Post new Facebook pages post to another Facebook pageRead More

Google Drive
Send email messages for new Google Drive documentsRead More

Save new Invoice Ninja invoices to DropboxRead More

How Integromat Works

With Integromat, you simply create a scenario, attach your data sources, and setup the workflow to connect one data source to another. The service is very similar to another one of our favorites, Zapier, just a bit less expensive.

What’s great about Integromat is the step-by-step, drag-and-drop tool which allows you to easily choose your data source, data endpoint, and that’s it, you’re workflow is automated.

Integromat Tips & How Tos