Automation software is great you can connect with a particular web application and transfer data in multiple directions based on logic, the best part is that you can have actions based on the data. There are a few different provider options for automation but we will keep it to two in this post.

Being two of the top companies in the space and their mottos don’t let down, Zapier calls itself “The easiest way to automate your work” and Integromat considers itself “The glue of the internet”. In this post, we will compare the two and get down to the details in regards to price, functionality, and integrations available such as the web apps that you can connect.

Quick Comparison Table

Similarly, they are both connectors that essentially do the same thing the major differences start to show when you look at the number of native apps that are available. Zapier currently has the upper hand with over 1,000 connections and Integromat has about 300. This might make it seem a bit lopsided but Integromat does have connectors for most major web applications. Look at the table below for quick reference:

ConnectorData SourcesPricingRead ReviewFree Trial

295+ apps$9/MonthRead ReviewFree Trial

1,000+ apps$15/MonthRead ReviewFree Trial

Function and Usability

Personally, I find them both pretty easy to use it might just come down to whether you might prefer the way Zapier lines things up as steps to follow or the visual flowchart style of Integromat. The flowchart is great for visual of the setup showing you how the data flows through the scenario you’ve created, the circles are the web app and each line out is a trigger or rule. The triggers or rules are different within each, Zapier shows you right up front what kind of logic can be used and Integromat has deeper logic options within each node or web app. Depending on how complicated things can be you might want to consider Integromat for logic, although Zapier can definitely get some complicated logic done as well.

Price vs Features

They both have a monthly base price but your overall expense is going to based on the number of “Zaps” or “Actions”, these are the actual processes that are performed by either program. Good news is that the LDA Community gets a free trial for Integromat, we currently working on this for Zapier but they most likely have some sort of offer available. My final thoughts on this are that no matter which direction the best feature is you essentially make yourself a programmer for less than a cup of coffee a day.