Simple tutorial on how to connect Google Sheets to MailChimp in order to grab your latest subscribers. It’s a really easy setup and can get you over the hurdle of becoming familiar with API app connectors, its as close to becoming your own programmer. Of course within its limits.

Simple and Efficient Automation

Connecting MailChimp and Google Sheets this way was actually a request from one of our clients and as simple as it sounds was a great way for her to manage the leads for her business. She is able to hand out leads to the sales staff and follow up with a very personal message to the subscriber. We set this up and added it to her Data Studio Email Dashboard.

I’ll make the post quick because I have made a video tutorial that gives you a better way to follow along:

You’ll want to follow the following steps: (Or just watch the video above)

  1. Make an account on Integromat (Free Basic Account)
  2. Make sure you have both your Google Account & MailChimp Login
  3. Make sure you have your list “Audience” created in MailChimp
  4. Create a new Google Sheet (name it something you will remember) and add two headings to the first two columns
    1. Heading 1 “First Name”
    2. Heading 2 “Email Address”
  5. Then go on your Integromat dashboard
    1. Select “Create New Scenario”
    2. Add MailChimp &  Google Sheets
    3. Click on the module in the center of the screen
    4. Add MailChimp and click “add” button in the pop-up to add your MailChimp account
    5. Then proceed to login to MailChimp
    6. Select your list and choose what to watch (ex. “Only new” &  “subscribed”)
    7. Choose Email type (doesn’t matter in this case)
    8. Click “ok”
  6. Click on the “+” to the right of the new MailChimp module in the center of the screen
    1. Select Google Sheets
    2. Select “Add a Row”
    3. Click “add” button in the pop-up to add your Google account
    4. Then proceed to login to Google
    5. Select your Google Spreadsheet & Sheet
    6. Select the values from the popup (make sure they match your values)
    7. Click “ok” and you’re done!

So much more you can do using Integromat and apps like Google Sheets and MailChimp and simple to do too. Enjoy!