Productivity is an obsession among many and one of the most popular tools to simplify task management is Trello. One trick to turning the productivity knob up would be to use automation on top of the organization.

So there are multiple ways to do this and some examples would be:

  • Creating a new calendar event from a new Trello card
  • Make new cards every time you get new Telegram Messages
  • Link your Google Analytics to create a new task if your pageviews drop below a certain threshold
  • The list is endless

Trello API Connectors

ConnectorData SourcesPricingRead ReviewFree Trial

295+ apps$9/MonthRead ReviewFree Trial

Appy Pie Connect
100+ apps$12/MonthRead ReviewFree Trial

1,000+ apps$15/MonthRead ReviewFree Trial
100+ apps$25Read ReviewFree Trial@automateio
500+ apps$595/MonthRead ReviewDemo Available@trayio

Choosing The Best Trello Connector

If you love your Trello and want to add more to it, almost all the connectors listed above connect with Trello API. Focus on a few key things first in order to make the right choice as far as connectors go.

  • Future compatibility with additional apps: This is hard to know at first but just a quick glance to see if your current services connect can give you a starting point, from there you can start to think if another app your interested is available as well. For example, you want to link Trello to Gmail but your company is planning to add a CRM soon.
  • Pricing: The best price makes sense there is not much difference between the services if the necessary Trello + app connection is there.
  • Volume: This is important due to the fact that you pay per actions, this is in addition to pricing so if you expect a lot of actions, plan accordingly.

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Typical Connections

Trello is commonly connected to other software and services including.

  • Google Drive
  • Gmail
  • Telegram
  • Dropbox
  • Google Calendar
  • MailChimp
  • Slack
  • Many others…