Who doesn’t have a Gmail these days? Everything pretty much revolves around Gmail for us here at LDA, so with so many things you manually do every day on Gmail. An example of a manual process would be saving invoice attachments from suppliers, an then organizing and putting the file in the right folder. This can be a thing of the past using an API app connector service, automatically downloading all of the attachments to your Google drive. The possibilities are really endless, I will outline some examples for you below.

Gmail API Connectors

ConnectorData SourcesPricingRead ReviewFree Trial

295+ apps$9/MonthRead ReviewFree Trial

Appy Pie Connect
100+ apps$12/MonthRead ReviewFree Trial

1,000+ apps$15/MonthRead ReviewFree Trial

100+ apps$25Read ReviewFree Trial@automateio

500+ apps$595/MonthRead ReviewDemo Available@trayio

Endless Solutions with Gmail Connectors

Almost all the connectors listed above connect with Gmail API, but not all are integrated in the same ways. So review your choices and be sure it can expand to other apps you might want to connect in future. As promised here are some examples of what you can accomplish using these services.

  • Connect Trello + Gmail to create new cards from new labels on Gmail messages
  • Add a new Wunderlist task from labeled Gmail Messages
  • Create a Google Calander Event from new labeled Emails
  • Get Emails in Telegram, from a specific folder

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Typical Connections

Gmail is commonly connected to other software and services including.

  • Google Drive
  • MailChimp
  • Telegram
  • Dropbox
  • Google Calendar
  • Trello
  • Slack
  • Many others…