16 10, 2019

Facebook Ads Now Offers ‘Click to Message’ Call to Action for Story Ads

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Facebook recently released a new call to action for Story Ads, Click to Message. Here's what our panel thinks: Users will be able to swipe up to send a message User does NOT need to leave app (facebook, messenger, IG, etc.) to do this Possibility for a really high volume of messages for high spend advertisers Looking [...]

23 08, 2019

Facebook Announcing “Off Facebook Activity” Reporting & Management

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Episode Highlights Starting in Ireland, S. Korea, and Spain. Rolling out everywhere else soon. See a summary of the information apps and websites have sent to Facebook using Facebook Pixel or Facebook login. Ability to disconnect this information and future information from your account if you want to. You can do this for all of [...]

19 08, 2019

Internet Marketing News – FB New Ad Units, GSC Updates, Voice Assistants Are Future of Search

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    Welcome back to the show today we got four stories that are pretty exciting for the marketing world. First, let's begin with Facebook's new ad units! Topic: Facebook New Ad Units Movie Reminder Ads & Movie Showtime Ads So it looks like they're adding 2 new ad units that are movie related. The [...]

5 07, 2019

Internet Marketing News – Google Ads Includes Images, Amazon In-Store, FB Targeting Updates

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Highlights: Google Ads - Google Images now part of Search Network Previously, Google images were considered ‘search partners’. Now, you advertise on Images as a default. If you are opted-in to the search partners, that traffic will decrease. Expect a lift in traffic from this change. Amazon Launches New Service Called “Counter” Offers In-Store Pickup [...]