Welcome back to the show today we got four stories that are pretty exciting for the marketing world. First, let’s begin with Facebook’s new ad units!

Topic: Facebook New Ad Units Movie Reminder Ads & Movie Showtime Ads

So it looks like they’re adding 2 new ad units that are movie related. The first one is a movie reminder at so when the user sees a movie preview, facebook can now remind you that you saw the ad for this movie and let you know when the movie is released that maybe you should watch this movie since you were interested in the ad. How many times have you seen an ad for a movie trailer and later on forget about it then it comes out on Amazon and remember wow I really wanted to see this movie.

The next one is movie showtime and you can interact with the ad and actually see the showtimes and lets you buy your tickets right there and then.

Topic: Clicks on Google vs website traffic, not the same. Updates on Google Search Console

This is one to pay attention to, Google now has additional Rich Snippets. I think these are coming out in August and they’re expecting to release this to search console, showing amp results and articles and events and that kind of stuff on the new types of Rich Snippets.

I have to interject my only concern with all of this as we get more tracking to Google Search Consoles this number actually tracking nothing to do with your website traffic. Simply just the user behavior on Google as it affects your content, so as Google makes the decision to show more of your content within Google as opposed to driving traffic to your website, one thing to keep in mind is what is the value of that.

Topic: eMarketer study on voice search – “40% of Internet Users will use Voice assistants”

This one was a study by emarketer on Voice Assistants. It’s growing in use every day and it’s becoming more and more of a daily habit here are some highlights from the show.

  • Top tasks: Directions, making phone calls, music, finding nearby stores
  • Top assistants: Google. Except that Siri won for commands

If you’re brick and mortar, sit down with one of each and see if you’re in results.
If you’re a band, name your band or music generic names that people might search. Why not, we do it for the web?

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