The Call To Action (CTA)

While watching television you’ve probably heard a commercial saying,”Call Now” or “Act Now Before Time Runs Out.” This is the advertiser verbally telling you [the viewer] what they want you to do.  A CTA is no different. It tells your users exactly what you want them to do with your ad. From Facebook to Instagram to Google Ads, there’s no effective ad without a CTA. Here are 10 of our favorite call to action phrases.

10 Call To Actions For Facebook Ads

  1. Sign Up
  2. Learn More
  3. Buy Nowmegaphone with speech bubble to take action
  4. Join For Free
  5. Give It A Try
  6. Get Started
  7. Claim Your Free XYZ
  8. Send Me X Now
  9. Start My Free Trial
  10. Download Now