Google Ads – Google Images now part of Search Network

  • Previously, Google images were considered ‘search partners’.
  • Now, you advertise on Images as a default.
  • If you are opted-in to the search partners, that traffic will decrease.
  • Expect a lift in traffic from this change.

Amazon Launches New Service Called “Counter” Offers In-Store Pickup

  • Rite Aid is the first partner in the USA.
  • Customers go into the store and pick up the package at the counter.
  • In response to Amazon locker and many stores don’t have the room to place a locker.
  • Stores that participate will see increased foot traffic leading to additional purchases.

Facebook Ads – ‘Top Fans’ Targeting is Now an Option

  • Allows pages to post content which will only show to ‘top fans”
  • To participate, 10k followers and the “Top Fans” badge must be enabled.

Facebook Downgrades Post with Sensational Health Claims

  • Means less exposure for exaggerated miracle cures, weight loss supplements, etc.
  • Handle by identifying phrases common to these claims
  • Most of the impact will be felt on posts
  • In short, get clever with your wording!

Bings Ads Launches New Metrics (Finally!?)

  • Top impression share
  • Top impression share lost to rank
  • Top impression share lost to budget
  • Absolute top impression share
  • Absolute top impression share lost to rank
  • Absolute top impression share lost to budget

Google Search Console Updates (September 1st)

All code that handles noindex in Robots TXT No longer used!

Next best options to avoid crawl:

  • Noindex in robots meta tags
  • 404 and 410 HTTP status codes
  • Password protection
  • Search Console Remove URL tool

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