Episode Highlights

  • Starting in Ireland, S. Korea, and Spain. Rolling out everywhere else soon.
  • See a summary of the information apps and websites have sent to Facebook using Facebook Pixel or Facebook login.
  • Ability to disconnect this information and future information from your account if you want to.
  • You can do this for all of your off-Facebook activity, or just for specific apps and websites.


Rick: Very good, very good. Now onto Facebook. Facebook, which is now allowing all Facebook activity, so basically what this is, it’s a new section. It’s going to be available in the US in about three months.

Right now this is just available in, where is it at?

Juan: It’s like Ireland, South Korea, and Spain.

Rick: That’s right. So basically, you can go into your Facebook profile and you can view all of the websites who are using some Facebook pixel or some Facebook login, basically feature, that are tracking you. A lot of times, the way to think about this is if you go to homedepot.com and look at a certain product, then you shoot over to Facebook and you see that relevant ad there, what enables that to happen is that all Facebook tracking. You have now the ability to not only see who’s tracking you, but also to, essentially it’s like clearing your browser cookies basically.

Rick: You can clear all that out and say I don’t want them tracking me anymore. At the same time, you can actually set it so that no one can track you in the future. So this is a first for Facebook. I’m very curious to see how many people actually go through with that. By going through with that, your ads will become much less relevant, and if you’re okay with that, that’s fine too. But again, we have another service here that is free because of advertising. It’ll be interesting to see how the ecosystem responds to this and how many individuals actually take part in just saying, “Hey, you know what? I don’t want any sort of tracking on,” and that’s fine.

Juan: It just gives you an idea of where this direction’s going with privacy overall. Google, I mean Facebook’s actually willing to take a chance on part of their business as far as giving users more privacy controls. It’s not just all in one, you’ll will have the option to block a particular website or business standalone.

Rick: If you’ve got one creeping on you and you don’t want them creeping on you anymore, you can get rid of them, or just get rid of them all, or just probably do what most of us are going to do and never touch it.

Juan: Look at it, yeah.

Rick: Yeah, because you might not want to know.

Juan: Or it’s too deep in the settings.

Rick: I personally love relevant ads, so I’m leaving it on. Join me, #leaveiton. All right.


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