Today, we’re starting to see a new BETA ad extension from Google called Lead Forms. Lead Forms are basically a new type of extension where the end user is able to complete a form from within the Google SERPs for your business. We think that this new ad unit can be great for businesses interested in capturing leads which are low commitment (whitepaper downloads, free consultations, appointment requests, etc. ).

For this new extension, you can currently capture the following user information:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Postal Code

We hope and expect this to expand over time, based on the call-to-action.

How Lead Forms Work

  1. When viewing your ad, the user can choose to view the form (this is the click you are paying for).
  2. When the form is submitted, the lead information is store in Google and available via CSV download OR webhook. No email deliverability is available at this time.

How to Create Lead Form Extensions

Lead form extensions in Google Ads are currently in BETA, mostly in the English language. You create these by doing the following:

Step 1: Click to Add the Extension

Again, this new ad extension is not currently on all accounts. You’ll see the new type of ad extension in the extension dropdown if you have access to it.



Step 2: Assign Your Call to Action and Ad Text

You have the choice of several calls to action. At this time, the available form capture fields do NOT vary based on call to action. Something that we hope changes sometime in the near future!



Step 3: Select Which Information You’d Like to Capture in the Form

At this time, there are only four (4) available form fields.



Step 4 (optional): Upload a Background Image

To earn style points, you can add a fancy pansy background image.


Step 5: Assign a Post Form Submit CTA

After the form is submitted, this messaging and CTA will be seen by users.



Step 6 (optional): Grab Your Webhook and Integrate with CRM, Google Sheets, etc.

Watch the full video to learn how to take your leads and send them from Google Ads to anywhere else via Zapier.