This is a free lesson which originally appeared in our Google Analytics Fundamentals Course.


In that last topic, we briefly talked about the “Dummy Report.” Maybe not the most professional name but here’s the point. Sometimes (often), you’ll need to create a very simple report view for a stakeholder (either smart or a dummy) which only pulls very specific information which will help them understand what’s happening.

In this lesson, we’re going to follow the following steps to create our very first “Dummy Report”.

  1. Report Planning: We’re going to outline what our report needs to accomplish.
  2. Basic Setup: We’re going to create the report.
  3. Report Metrics: Assign the metrics (quantitative values)
  4. Report Dimensions: Dimensions in this case are the “campaigns”.
  5. Report Filters: Assign needed filters.
  6. Report Testing: Does the report do what we meant it to do?
  7. Report Sharing Options: Review the sharing options.