Google Drive is the only “hard drive” for most of us digital marketers and using it day to day takes away time that can be used for more productivity. We all know the repetitive task that is not far from feeling like a daily burden, an example of this is downloading every attachment that comes in Gmail and sorting it into the proper folder in Drive. Doing this over and over is not fun.

In this post, we’ll cover some of the connectors that will help connect to Google Drive and automate these types of tasks.

Google Drive API Connectors & Integration Tools

ConnectorData SourcesPricingRead ReviewFree Trial

295+ apps$9/MonthRead ReviewFree Trial

Appy Pie Connect
100+ apps$12/MonthRead ReviewFree Trial

1,000+ apps$15/MonthRead ReviewFree Trial
100+ apps$25Read ReviewFree Trial@automateio
500+ apps$595/MonthRead ReviewDemo Available@trayio

Google Drive App Integration Ideas

Google Drive is a wonderful tool and simple automation can really take its powers to the next level,  here are some ideas:

  • Automatically download attachments in new emails and place in a folder on Google Drive
  • Create a backup of Instagram post – as you take pictures an automatic file is stored in Google Drive
  • Create new folders in Google Drive from a new row inside of a Google Sheet
  • Automatically upload YouTube videos from Google Drive locations

Choosing the Best Google Drive API Integration Service

Decided to connect Google Drive via one of the connectors listed above, here are some things to consider:

  • Compatibility: You’ll want to make sure that the compatibility between the apps you would like to connect is actually provided by the connector. Sometimes that might be an obstacle due to some providers not having as many connectors as another. Always keep in mind if you found a service you really like you can always make a request, these companies love having user input and feedback. In truth, all it does is make for a better experience for everyone.
  • Pricing: Planning ahead is crucial and you will want to cover the volume necessary as well, the volume would be the number of actions you expect per month. Although most have a tiered structure where you can try and stay within the range of actions keeping your expense on a leash. If the amount of actions grows you might be moving to a higher tier.

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Typical Connections

Google Drive can be connected with multiple other apps such as:

  • Google Sheets
  • Gmail
  • Trello
  • Youtube
  • Google Forms
  • Many others…