Facebook Pages are a great way to engage with your audience, having multiple platforms where you engage with either customers or readers is also great to engage with them. Now having all those formats communicate with each other would be even better!

On this page, we’ll highlight the various application connecting services which will enable you to connect Facebook Pages to other services.

Facebook Pages API Integrators

ConnectorData SourcesPricingRead ReviewFree Trial

295+ apps$9/MonthRead ReviewFree Trial

Appy Pie Connect
100+ apps$12/MonthRead ReviewFree Trial

1,000+ apps$15/MonthRead ReviewFree Trial

100+ apps$25Read ReviewFree Trial@automateio

500+ apps$595/MonthRead ReviewDemo Available@trayio

Choosing the Best Connector for Facebook Pages

There are some great ways to connect your Facebook Pages to other platforms and really take advantage of app automation. Take a look at the following:

  • Create Blogger post from new Facebook Post
  • Post new Tweets to a Facebook Page
  • Post new Pinterest pins to a Facebook Page

Also before you select a provider keep in mind to look at a few different things such as compatibility, pricing, the volume of actions as well.

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Typical Connections

Facebook Pages is commonly connected to other software and services including.

  • Twitter
  • RSS Feeds
  • Blogger
  • Pinterest
  • Google Hangouts Chat
  • Google Photos
  • Pushbullet
  • Many others…