Cognito Forms + Zapier + Google Sheets = Google Spreadsheet With All Your Leads

Let’s say you have a website (pretty sweet!) and leads fill out your contact form (like all the time!) and you want to organize leads a bit better. That’s what today’s post is here to help you do!

We’re going to review the steps needed to magically send your website leads to a Google Sheet so that you have a great place to organize all those future customers. Best of all, it won’t cost you a penny because we’re using free, reliable tools to do it.


  • Skills Needed: Ability to read and a basic understanding of
  • Time Needed: 10 minutes
  • Impact on Your Happiness: huuuuuuuge, it’s gonna be big!

What You’ll Need

  1. Cognito Forms account (free, start one now click here)
  2. Zapier account (free, start one now click here)
  3. Google account (free, start one here if you don’t have one silly)

Steps We’ll Take

  1. Cognito: We’ll create a basic contact form in Cognito
  2. Google: We’ll create a new sheet which our leads will get sent to
  3. Zapier: We’ll connect Cognito to Google with a very simple ZAP

Ready? Pumped? Let’s do this!

Step 1: Create a basic form with Cognito

In the first video, I’ll run through the basics of creating a basic form with Cognito Forms. If you haven’t started your free account with them yet, you can do so now. Go to Cognito. Then, watch the video below.


Step 2: Create a basic Google Sheet

In Step 2, I’ll run through the basics of creating a Google Sheet. Super simple, watch the video below.


Step 3: Zap Your Leads From Cognito to Google Sheets

In the final step, we’ll create a simple zap that will send Cognito form submissions to your Google Sheet. You’ll need a Zapier account for this so grab one free on



Did it work for ya? I hope so and I hope you make good use of it. This is a great way to help track leads from one or many clients, projects, or businesses that you run.

Comment below if you have any troubles.