The Acquisition Search Console reporting section links directly with Google Webmaster Tools (known as GWT) and matches Google organic search data from GWT with standard Google Analytics KPIs. This reporting section does not include data from any search engines other than Google.

  • Landing Pages: Organic search landing pages and related KPIs.
  • Countries: Geo-focused view as it relates to Google organic search.
  • Devices: Device (PC, Tablet, Phone) view as it related to Google organic search.
  • Queries: Matches the keywords queried in Google to website KPIs.

Sample Search Console Reports

Landing Page Report

The Landing Page report shows your top landing pages, details on their Google organic search visibility and other KPIs (conversions, sessions, etc.). From this report, you can click on any landing page and drill-down to view the specific search queries which users search to find the page.

Countries Report

The Countries report focuses on the countries from users are searching in Google and ties that data in with your website KPIs. From this report, you can click on any country to drill-down to see the landing page OR search query which users are seeing. This is mostly useful for website which target multiple countries and languages.

Devices Report

The Devices report examines Google organic search behavior at the device level to show you how your website is performing in relation to the device used for search. From this report, you can click on any device category to drill-down to view the landing page OR search query.

Queries Report

The Queries report shows the top search queries for which your website has exposure in Google organic search.

Real World Uses

  • What dd your users search for, what do they see (landing page) and how can it be improved?
  • Landing pages: Great for examine which pages are (and are not!) driving traffic and conversions to identify opportunities to improve, create more content, improve calls to action and relevance, etc.
  • Devices: Great for determining how different devices are driving traffic/conversions to different landing pages.
  • Queries: View specific queries and how you rank. Which drive conversions? What is your average rank? If you can bump that up, what might the business impact be?

Critical Thinking

  • These reports provide a snapshot of how Google organic search is impacting your business today. While it doesn’t cover Bing/Yahoo, you can learn a lot about your general organic efforts based on the Google data.
  • Find the successes and focus on how to get more.
  • Find the failures and focus on turning them into successes.


  • Q: Why can’t I see search console data from last year? A: Google Webmaster Tools (the source of this data) only provides a running 90 days of stats. Therefore, data older than 3 months is not available at this time.
  • Q: What does “not set” mean in the Search Query report? A: For privacy reasons, Google does not show search queries with low volume as they can be personally identifiable. “not set” represents the entire bucket of low volume search queries which drove traffic. Unfortunately, there is no way to know what these are at this time.