In setting up thousands of PPC campaigns for clients from almost every vertical, we’ve come up with a few free templates for commonly needed PPC negative keyword lists.

State Negative Keyword List

The following list was created to help reduce accidental searches outside of the intended GEO. For example, let’s says that you’re bidding on “Portland Apartments”. You may want to negative match “oregon” because you are actually bidding in Portland, Maine. This list contains all US states and state codes. You’ll need to remove the states and state codes for which you do want traffic.

Sample keywords:

  • Alabama
  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
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“Cheap” Negative Keyword List

The following list was created to help reduce the number of queries for the searcher is looking for a low-priced solution. For premium products (expensive hotels, restaurants, clothing), it’s best to avoid traffic looking for a deal.

Sample keywords:

  • cheap
  • inexpensive
  • low-priced
  • low-price
  • affordable
  • bargain
  • discount
  • discounted
  • budget
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Job Negative Keyword List

In many cases, searches may be looking for jobs related to your business. For this, we recommend the Job Negative Keyword List which aims at blocking employment-related queries.

Sample keywords:

  • occupation
  • occupations
  • full time
  • part time
  • work
  • resume
  • resumes
  • salary
  • salaries
  • pay
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DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Negative Keyword Lists

Sometimes, people are crafty and we commend them for that. That said, we don’t like wasting money on them if we don’t sell DIY products. Here’s a list to reduce the number of DIY search queries.

Sample keywords:

  • craft
  • crafts
  • create
  • creating
  • hand made
  • handmade
  • home
  • homemade
  • how to
  • make
  • making
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Education and Learning Negative Keyword List

In many cases, searches are looking for online courses related to specific products and services. For this, we apply the Education Negative Keyword List.

Sample keywords:

  • class
  • classes
  • college
  • colleges
  • course
  • courses
  • education
  • school
  • schools
  • training
  • universities
  • university
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