In this lesson, we’ll cover the Images report in Screaming Frog. The Images report helps us aggregate useful information about images on our website which may affect website performance, SEO, and more. At a glance, the data in this report contains information on the image size, type of image, number of references found, etc.

Highlighting any one image opens the Drill Down menu which gives information on all the pages which use the image, alt text, etc.


There are a few useful filters here.

  • Over 100kb: Showing large images which can probably be sized down
  • Missing Alt Text: Images with no assigned alt text (for SEO and usability)
  • Alt Text Over 100 Characters: Alt text which is too long

Usage Tips

  • Identify images which are excessively large to develop a plan to size them down
  • Identify images which are missing alt text which is useful for SEO and devices which ‘read’ images to users