Google Analytics custom reports provide you the capability to create custom data views which cut-to-the-chase of your key metrics. Best of all, they are really easy to create!

Up until now, we’ve learned about the “out of the box” Google Analytics reports. The truth is though, if you can master custom reports, you may end up spending very little time using those reports. Why? Each client, website, business is different and custom reports empower you to create data views which are catered to your objectives.

The best part- They are super easy to create once you get the hand of it.

Reasons to Create Custom Reports

  • Track important marketing initiatives for quick access to data.
  • Track only specific types of traffic
  • Track only specific goals
  • Allow for drill-downs which don’t exist in standard Google Reports
  • Provide clients, bosses, and other stakeholders with simple, clear reports.
  • A million other reasons.

Sample Custom Reports

  • Google Adwords report which pulls only the critical cost and conversion data and allows for device-specific reporting.
  • Email marketing report which highlights campaign performance in a clear, concise format and allows for A/B testing filters
  • The “Dummy Report”: Create extremely reports which are perfect for delivering simple trends to individuals who are easily confused by other Google Analytics reports which can be overwhelming.

Let’s skip to the next lesson and build our first custom report!