Be warned, and maybe excited, as the next iteration of Google Shopping takes place on July 15th, 2019.

In a recent announcement by Google, US-based standard shopping campaigns (other countries coming soon) will now be auto-enabled to appear in both YouTube and Google Discover. While Smart Shopping campaigns were there already (at least YoutTube and Google Display), the move to merge shopping campaigns into one entity seems to be underway.

In our view, this moves Google Ads further down the road of automation and further displays the importance of audience in search advertising as shoppers will likely be 1) retargeted and 2) targeted based on intent even when no query is actively taking place.

What is Google Discover?

We all know what YouTube is but many have little or no experience with Google Discover. In short, Google Discover, formerly known as Google Feed, is a customized feed of content which shows users relevant news, products, and other content based on their history. It’s sort of a cool and creepy way to see how much Google really knows, or thinks, of you. That said, it turns out that it’s pretty useful in our opinion so this may actually work.

The Google Discover feed primarily via mobile app and also shows on for mobile users (as of late last year) so there’s been time to gather data.

As it relates to Google Shopping campaigns, makes complete sense to tie in some level of retargeting or intent-based content within this feed.


As with many other Google releases, we’d prefer the option to opt-in as opposed to automatically opt-in. With little experience in running ads which are primarily intent (and little success running intent ads on Google Display), we have a 5% confidence level that this pans out as profitable as the existing Google Shopping campaigns. We will say that we hope that Google provides the Google Ads segmentation view of traffic from these new placements and the ability to opt-out if needed.

How to Opt-Out of Google Discover

We’ve got messages into our contacts at Google to find out when and how opting-out will be possible. This post will be updated once we know for sure.

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