Episode Highlights

  • Was 55.3 on average
  • Reduced to 50.9
  • You might be seeing more titles with less “in” “and”


Rick: There we go. All right and last or almost last, we’ve got rank ranger. Not a huge change, but they’re basically reporting a track that the search engine results pages are losing about five characters from the title tag. So, previously the average I think was about 55 and a half characters and that’s dropped down to about 50. No major impact anticipated. Just an FYI and we will wrap things up with additional ways to learn digital advertising and of course LearnDigitalAdvertising.com is the best place to get updates on all of the upcoming conferences. We’ve got September, we’ve got Advanced Search Summit starting tomorrow and that’s in DC. Tomorrow. It is tomorrow, the Digital Summit Detroit on the 25th. We’ve got affiliates Summit 8 Pack and that’s in Singapore for our friends overseas on October 1st and then another couple digital summits again in October. So, I got the full list on LearnDigitalAdvertising.com and as always like, subscribe and troll us below. Have a great day.

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