In this lesson, we’ll cover a sample usage case where we want to do a technical review of a new website which we just launched. In this demo, we’ll cover key reports which help us identify potential programming issues. Whether you’re a Web developer, designer, marketer, or business owner, we recommend going through this process to ensure that there’s aren’t any major issues.

  • External Report: We’ll look for outbound links which still point to our development server.
  • Protocol: We’ll ensure that SSL has been applied correctly.
  • Response Codes: We’ll review various response codes and analyze for issues.
  • Page Titles: We’ll make sure Title Tags are implemented on content.
  • Meta Description: We’ll make sure Meta Descriptions are implemented on content.
  • H1 and H2: We’ll check to see whether heading tags are generally used correctly.
  • Directives: We’ll review no-index to make sure that pages are not set to be removed from search engine indexes (unless we want them to be)

After this review, we’ll have checked and documented major issues which can affect our website’s usability and search-ability. Of course, we always recommend keeping an eye on tools such as Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools to identify other issues.