Episode Highlights

New features are available! Reactions: Ability to react to a pin (love, lightbulb, question mark)

New sorting:

  • By reaction
  • By comments
  • Soon, by pinner
  • More collaboration features coming soon


Rick: All right, so two stories on Pinterest. First off, Pinterest is offering some new features for group boards. This is not an ad unit or anything. But if you use group boards, obviously instead of being able to a pin and re-pin, you can now love, light bulb, and question mark different items. So I see this as a great B2B tool. If you’re ideating, sharing ideas and sort of informal voting system of sorts. It looks like two of the features that we’re going to see here are just some new sorting by reaction. Also by sorting by the number of comments. So just some new ways to sort in addition to that. They’re going to release over the next few months. They’re saying sorting by pinners. So just some new features to make the group boards a little more interactive.

Juan: Pretty cool. I mean, I wonder what happens if everyone clicks question mark.

Rick: That means you’re- what’s the WTF. Like, “Why is this on this board? This is terrible.”

Juan: Decided to do some research on the competitors or something like that using images.

Rick: Innovative. Every other social network. Yeah. Anyways, last one, Juan. We have some new ad units in Pinterest.

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