Topic: Google announces Core Update (June, 2019)

Google Twitter Post


  • Reddit says: Big small and not at all
  • Overlapped with an update known as the diveristy update (aimed at showing a greater variety of domains in the SERPS.
  • Tips: Simple- Nothing to fix, just do better SEO. Better content, better content promotion, stop looking for silver bullets.

Topic: Google Announces Mobile First Indexing is the default for new domains

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GSC Post:


  • For older websites, Google will continue to determine whether they are ready for mobile first indexing.
  • Check out Google Search Console’s URL inspection tool to see which bot has crawled specific pages most recently.
  • If you haven’t figured it out my now, stop building websites for PC. Make that the tail end of the conversation, mobile is everything.

Topic: Firefox is now blocking Google Analytics, by default, and even outside of private mode!


  • Feature is called, “Enhanced Tracking Protection”
  • Affects only new users
  • We’ve independently verified across a small subset of websites no evident dropoff in traffic from Firefox. Impact may not be felt for a while. Then again, FF is only 10% of market share so who give flunk.

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Firefox’s Announcement:
Search Engine Journal’s pretty harsh comments on this:  focus on the fact that firefox does not understand Google Analytics and is blocking it for “issues” which don’t exist.