Welcome to the show! A friendly reminder to help support us if you like the news content the way we bring it to you please give us a like and subscribe, also any comments let us know how we can make it better. Moving right along we’ve got a couple of news updates starting with Google Analytics combining Web and App Analytics.

Topic: Google Analytics Combines Web and App Analytics

This is really cool we started seeing this pop up last week and then we read a little bit about it from the Google Blog. What Google’s doing now a different type of property you can set up in Google analytics now. So in the past, you could either choose a web property or an app property and now Google has an option to merge the two and choose a web and app property. This is a brand-new beta product and I think the idea here is if you have an online application or mobile application that they’re not really that different from one another and it’s just different ways for people to engage. So logically why not just merges into the same analytic profiles and sort of unify the things that happened on each.

So, for example, you have a web app that allows people to perform certain tasks, download certain things and the mobile app sort of replicates that same process having it all under one property which is really cool. One of the best parts about this is actually an upgrade to how Google is handling event tracking, we’re not seeing this now on the older types of properties in Google Analytics but on the new ones you have the ability to turn on some automated events that are built-in. If you’re currently using tag manager to do things like track button clicks or downloads or anything like that Google’s built a lot of this into this new property type.

We are very interested to see how the interface works and can you just look at the web or just the app can you merge the two together. In order to start using this on the app side, you’ll need to implement the Firebase SDK for this to work on your app. Exciting times for analytics!

Topic: GDS Updates! Now Includes Table Drill Down

We have some quick updates on Google Data Studio! Highlights are the inclusion of table drill down so basically on the front end you can actually drill down to a different dimension, no longer will you have to build a couple of different dashboards for different dimensions for a client report your own.

Drag and drop coming is available now a lot easier to use than importing images, simply drag and drop images right in and although a modest update definitely super useful.

Topic: New Information About Google’s Indexing Issue

Traffic went down for some websites and webmasters swore it was a hidden update, Google now has an explanation. This is happened up until recently and it happens a few times over so what’s kind of cool when Google messes up they sometimes expose how things work a little bit in their explanations.

To go through this quickly, what has happened affected indexing and many websites including some large news publications were not being indexed at all. Google basically lost part of the search index, essentially there’s this massive database of hundreds of billions of web pages that Google has saved some information on. This search index gets replicated across data centers as Google explains they have data centers all around the world. The point of that is if you’re sitting in a certain area and you query something, the only way for Google really to respond as quickly as they want to is to send you to the local data center. The issue arose when certain data centers were trying to sync with one another and part of the index was just dropped lost completely and were sure there is probably a lot of complex stuff to know how that happened.

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