Digital Marketing News Highlights

Google Ads & Local Campaigns Updates

  • Shoppers are always looking for deals not just during shopping seasons and upcoming Googles updates are focused on that
  • Seasonality adjustments will signal any smart bidding such as enhanced CPC, CPA
  • More in-market audiences for search (people who are ready to buy) total of about 30 categories

Local Campaigns

  • Calls will soon be added for local campaigns
  • Local campaigns are one of the recent automated campaign types, designed to help bring traffic to brick and mortar (watch out Netflix looks like Blockbuster is going to make a comeback)

Promotions are Coming to Local Inventory Ads

  • Shopping campaign will show the ad to people near to the store with inventory and now they can show promotions

Google Search Console

Google wants to help webmasters understand how their site is being crawled

  • Google adds the date of mobile first indexing
  • Just stop saying your losing rankings due to updates, if you were being indexed mobile-first a year ago

Google Hangouts on Air- Goodbye

Will no longer be available, start planning to use another service for multi-user live stream

  • Go to for live streams


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