Episode Highlights

  • The goal is to credit the original news source more often and for longer.
  • In the past, more focus was given to fresher reporting.
  • Google uses over 10,000 raters whose feedback help guide changes like this.


Juan:  All right. So, next up we got Google is announcing a shift in the algorithm to promote original news.

Rick: But before we get into that, this photo is the telephone game and we look for a lot of photos with the telephone game being played. Usually, it’s children, but this is clearly a set of adults playing this game and if you would comment below and let us know if you have ever been to a party where the telephone game was that activity and that much fun because I’m sold on it. Go ahead though. What’s going on with-

Juan: Well, I mean, it’s a perfect example of what this is. You take an original news source and it gets spun off 10,000 times and it turns into a completely fake news article and it’s not even the original information anymore. So, I mean hats off to Google for this, they are going to be promoting this based on an original study based on 10,000 readers whose feedback helped them give them the guidelines in order to move in this direction and the announcement was by Richard Gingras. Is that right?

Rick: That’s right. That’s exactly how you say it Juan. Thanks Rich.

Juan: And then all of the goal is to give the original news source more often in the search. You’re going to see that pop up more frequently. So, if you do a search for some particular news article, you should be seeing the original source as the most prevalent one.

Rick: Yeah. So, the big shift there from the fresher source back to the original source. So, more incentive to get inaccurate news out faster, I guess? Or just get your article posted quickly even before it’s done if you’re a news source. I don’t know. I don’t know how to get that-

Juan: They’ll figure out some hack.


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