Episode Highlights

  • No more self serving reviews
  • No more reviews that do not include the name property field “name of the item being reviewed”
  • Reviews are typically used for things like books, courses, events, movies, products, recipes, etc.
  • Google Stopping support for local businesses and organization who host their own reviews.


Rick: Rich snippets. So, Google’s a just announcing a change. Basically they’re tightening up a little bit on what types of structured data can use Rich Snippets and typical things that… I’m sorry, not just Rich Snippets, but specifically Review Rich Snippets, things like books and courses and events and movies, stuff like that, products, all still can use Rich Snippets, but Google is saying at this point as well, if you’re a local business posting reviews about yourself on your website and adding structured data to tell us about it-

Juan: It shouldn’t be done.

Rick: Not going to do that anymore, but as you can see from the screenshot, if you’re an online retailer and you sell your own product, you can still post your own reviews. So, down with the little man, the big guy gets by for now.

Juan: Yeah. It looks like they’re really focused on the local businesses for this. We did see a couple of other ones that. We’ll maybe put up some screenshots after.


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