Episode Highlights

  • Automated bidding algos generally adapt to seasons on their own, but this takes time.
  • If seasonal shifts are sharp, you may want to leverage this feature to account for the shifts


Rick: All right, good. Next up we have Google Ads. It’s a setting within Google Ads for seasonality. So a lot of us do use bid automation at this point. The problem with bid automation when it comes to seasonal stuff, especially when the seasons are very sharp, meaning that one day things aren’t good and the next day season really kicks in. Or even just for holiday season when over the course of a few weeks, conversion rates for retail, for example, can change pretty drastically. It takes automation a while to catch up to that data.

Rick: So what the seasonal setting is, and this can be applied at the account level, campaign level. I’m not sure if it can go down to the ad group level or not. But the idea is that you’re telling Google, “This is when I expect my season to change and this is the conversion rate percentage I expect to see.” So it’s kind of like intelligence to help your automation so that Google knows, “Okay, on this day maybe I can get more aggressive, for example.” Yeah, that kind of thing.

Rick: So I think it’s a really cool feature. We haven’t gotten a chance to try it yet. We will report back of course once we get some more experience with it. Because we do have a few seasonal clients that we could run this for. Cool feature.


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