Episode Highlights

  • Affects and all search  + shopping campaigns will no longer have the ability for accelerated delivery
  • Why? They think ads will perform better, particularly early in the day where the competition was high cause of accelerated delivery
  • Beginning September 17th
  • Not video and display yet


Juan: Looks like we’ve got coming up next Google ads. They’re moving to standard delivery for all search-

Rick: Juan, is this picture standard?

Juan: … and shopping campaigns. No, as far as my understanding is this guy is trying to get this package delivered as fast as possible.

Rick: Accelerated, that’s accelerated delivery right there.

Juan: No longer the ability for accelerated delivery on search and shopping campaigns. As far as it goes,

the explanation was there’s different time zones and stuff like that. Some budgets might get spent a little early on in the day, just because of a different time zone and not be able to spend the ads, like spend the budget, but overall it’s only going to affect search and shopping. Right now video and display can still accelerate.

Rick: And I have a suspicion that video and display can still use accelerated bidding, because Google’s having a lot of trouble getting people to buy those products because they suck.

Juan: Makes sense.


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