Episode Highlights

Not the most crucial but it’s big news. Facebook Dating!

  • Launches in the USA
  • Opt-in for dating profile
  • Integrates with IG to flow your fake real posts to your dating profile
  • Secret crush allows you to choose up to 9 secret crushes in your circles and if they match up too, baaam.


Rick: Next is Facebook Dating. So I will say this first, Juan does not use Facebook a lot, but he has agreed to start using Facebook and dating on it for the purpose of this show to tell us how it works.

Rick: But now the Facebook data is here in the United States, users can opt in for a dating profile. Integrates with Instagram. So all of your fake and happy pictures that you post on Instagram can come right into your dating profile to make you look like a better, happier person. And you can also pick up to, at this time, nine secret crushes. So all those friends you have out there with secret crushes, you can pick up to nine of them. If they choose you as well, bam, you can get married and have kids.

Juan: I wonder what happens if…

Rick: Get a mortgage, pay bills.

Juan: So you can have like nine dating people at the same time?

Rick: Well you can have nine secret crushes. And if more than one of them as a secret crush on you, I don’t know what happens. Social life secret.

Juan: It’s not a secret anymore, I guess.

Rick: I hope it causes us problems. I can’t wait to hear what happens, Juan. Thank you for doing this for us, Juan.

Juan: Yes, I shall be your experimental dating Facebook app guy.


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