Episode Highlights

  • User’s #1 Request – show more realtime data
  • Data will now be just 1 day old, as opposed to 2-3 in the past
  • API does NOT yet support this


Juan: Next up we got refresher data in Google search council. So Google’s search council has some updates as far as the real time data. So now instead of it being just two to three days old, the data’s going to be coming in at about a one day old information. Now we did some research into it. It looks like it wasn’t active as of yet. But Google does promise to get this out there going. So it looks like API access is not going to be available as of yet, as well. But it’d be good to know that you can go to search console and see your information from a day ago. So that sounds really awesome.

Rick: Yep. Yep. Definitely. Next up we have Google, basically a new ad unit called Video Reach Ads for YouTube and basically what reach ads are going to do, they’re going to combine six second bumper ads, skippable in-stream and non skippable in-stream ads into sort of one campaign unit. And Google’s going to use machine learning to help you spend your money a lot faster for these branding style ads. Juan knows I’m not a huge fan of YouTube advertising. So it’s basically just a new, I think more efficient way really to create the campaigns and Google sort of merge these different ad units and try to find the most reach it can for the least amount of money. Early results are saying are lower campaign costs. Again, since these campaigns aren’t direct response. Who knows if the quality is as high or anything like that. That’s my skepticism on it all.

It is a new ad unit and encourage you to give it a try and spend your money with Google.


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