What is DimShip (Dimensional Shipping)

Dimensional shipping is when package carriers like USPS calculate shipping charges based on the dimensions of a product, as opposed to the weight. In the past, this has been done by USPS in only specific scenarios, based on shipping zones. The formulas and recent changes for this are outlined in the video above but the main takeaway is this- Shipping costs are going up and it’s time to revisit how you ship product to customers!

What You Need To Know

  • USPS is expanding DimShip to go all across the USA, not just specific zones.
  • The cost of the same package varies greatly across multiple shipping services. You need to re-price your shipping options!
  • The most important thing that marketplace sellers need to do is reduce package sizes!

Practical Ways to Reduce Your Shipping Costs

  • Simply reduce the size of your boxes
  • Services like Pirate Ship
  • Consider multi-box shipments where shipping two small boxes may be cheaper than shipping a single large box