Episode Highlights

  • Why? Simplify the process of connecting and managing data sources. TRUE! Always felt messy with the current process
  • Non GSuite users, nothing you need to do, this will happen over the next few weeks
  • GSuite users: Further instructions to come


Juan: All right. Looks like we got Data Studio is migrating their files away from Drive.

Rick: Well, let’s just stop for a second here. The photo onscreen is from High Fidelity, which is one of the greatest breakup movies of all time. And now that Data Studio is breaking up with Drive, that’s the purpose for the photo. Juan didn’t understand it. I hope you, the user of do. Juan, go ahead, sorry.

Juan: I know it’s John Cusack.

Rick: That’s right. John Cusack. It’s in a record store. His girlfriend broke up with him, so he calls all the old girlfriends to find out why they broke up with him so he can fix himself. It’s a great movie. Great actor.

Juan: And the other guy looks like a sickly Tim Ferris. But yeah, back to Data Studio.

Rick: What were we talking about again?

Juan: Data Studio’s migrating their files away from Drive. And it’s really just to simplify the process of connecting and managing your data sources on Data Studio. And it does get kind of messy depending on how many client’s accounts, different types of data sources you have with the current way of things. So, and it looks like –

Rick: Yeah, I’ve totally messed this up where I just see files in the root of Drive they’re actually Data Sources and I don’t remember what they are. And just delete a bunch and all the sudden like 20 dashboards are broken. So yeah, super happy about this. And I think some of the key things are, if you’re using free Google, basically, nothing you need to do, everything’s just going to get migrated. Data Sources will be stored elsewhere. Dashboards should be fine.

Rick: G Suite users, possible that there’s something you have to do manually. We’re waiting to find out.


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